All Seasons Recommended Yearly Treatment Plan

- All Seasons treatment prices start from just £11.00 for a single lawn application.

- All lawns should have at least four high-quality feeds applied every season to keep them in optimum condition.

- Every feed applied by All Seasons Lawncare is different and we only apply what we think your lawn needs.  We are more than happy to discuss with you the details of the products we’re using and why we are applying it to your lawn.

Spring Treatment

We improve your lawns colour and health by applying a carefully selected, granular, non-scorch slow release fertiliser which gently feeds your lawn during its initial growth stage. We also apply a low temperature liquid herbicide to stop early weed development.

Early Summer Treatment

Development of a lush, deep green, lawn is achieved by a second application of a slow release fertiliser. Once again the selection of the fertiliser is based on your lawns current condition. We apply a selected herbicide that targets specific weed varieties.

Late Summer Treatment

Maintaining lawn quality through summer is achieved by a third fertiliser, which could be in granular or liquid form dependent on weather conditions. After careful inspection it may be necessary to apply a further herbicide treatment to maintain your weed-free lawn.


Lawn colour and thickness is maintained by our autumn fertiliser which also focuses on the root development requirements of your lawn. We inspect your lawn and apply an herbicide if required.

All Seasons also recommend the following treatments at the end of autmn or in early spring treatments over the winter period:-

Lawn scarification

Over time lawns become choked with thatch, this layer of dead and decaying organic matter lies on the top of the root zone. This impedes the penetration of water and nutrient to the lawns roots thus stunting their growth. This results in weak growth and leads to pale, thin lawns.  Scarification is the process of removing thatch from the surface of the lawn. The process is carried out with a mechanical scarifier which consists of a rotating horizontal shaft of blades which penetrate the top surface of the lawn removing the thatch. As well as removing thatch, scarification also provides an element of aeration, improving drainage and disease tolerance, and will also reduce sponginess in the lawn.  After scarification we rake the thatch out of your lawn and bag it for your disposal.  Scarification should only be carried out when grass is actively growing in order that it can recover from this rigorous process. In a perfect world, lawns should be scarified annually either in spring or autumn.  Scarification provides a great opportunity to invigorate your lawn, we can also over-seed your lawn after scarification which will promote quicker recovery and thicken up the lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Foot traffic, lawn mowing and even rain causes compaction on your lawn. This squeezing together of the upper surface of soil reduces the ability of air, water and nutrients to penetrate through into the root zone. This has an adverse effect on the quality and visual appearance of your lawn.  There is a solution… aeration.  Aeration is the process by which thousands of holes are punched into your lawns surface. The process not only creates the surface holes but also fractures the ground below, creating tiny cracks down which air, water and nutrients travel.  Aeration increases the rooting depth of the grass, increases the rate at which the soil breaks down thatch and also improves the effectiveness of fertilisation.  Aeration can be achieved using solid or hollow tines we will be happy to advise you as to which option would be most suitable for your lawn.  Aeration can be performed throughout the year, weather permitting, and it is one of the most beneficial treatments for your lawn.

All Seasons are also able to offer the following additional services should they be required

Lawn overseeding

Over time and for various reason lawns can become tired, thin and patchy. This situation can be improved with an over-seed of the lawn. Normally carried out after scarification, over-seeding allows you the opportunity to introduce stronger, drought resilient and more attractive seed varieties into your lawn.  Lawns in shady spots suffer from lack of colour, thinness and patches. To treat this condition “shade tolerant” seed varieties can be introduced into your lawn to improve its ability to cope with the shaded conditions.  We have a vast range of top quality lawn seed varieties and would be happy to advise you as to the most appropriate seed for your lawn.

Lawn Top Dressing

A great way to improve the condition of the soil beneath your lawn is to top dress. A mixture of minerals such as sand, silt and organic materials such as peat is added to the surface of your lawn. This material brings substantial benefits to your lawn such as:

- Reduction in thatch levels
- Improvement to drainage
- Improvement in soil structure
- Improved water and nutrient retention

It also provides a visual solution to unsightly cracks and undulations due to soil settlement.  Top dressing can be carried out throughout the year. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate type of top dressing for your soil type.

Lawn Moss Control

There are around 30 different species of moss found in UK lawns. They tend to infect lawns when the grass surface is sparse although living in the UK, with its damp conditions moss will be found in most lawns during the cooler months.  Moss spores are produced in spring and autumn when infect lawns, sometimes we even help spread them by raking the lawns surface.  Any practise that reduces the thickness of the lawn will aid the development of moss i.e. mowing too short, compaction, poor drainage and the creation of shade. So to reduce moss raise the height of your lawn mower and aerate regularly.  Moss can be killed and even in severe infestations the area can be claimed back to lawn.  We will be happy to advise you on a suitable program for your lawn.

Lawn repairs

Most lawns will require small repairs from time to time. The sooner the problem is tackled the better to prevent the problem becoming worse. All Seasons Lawncare can provide repairs to your lawn as and when neccessary ranging from tretaing worn out edges, bare patches, thinning lawns, uneven surfaces and poor drainage.

New lawns laid

All Seasons Lawncare can restore even the most weed infested lawn with our treatments, however in worse case situations we can re-turf new lawns with high quality, locally sourced Fenland turf. Please call us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation.

Lawn mowing

We also provide a regular lawn mowing service to our clients using our range of professional lawnmowers. Please contact ourselves and we will be more than happy to visit you and provide you with a quotation to mow your lawns.

Hard surface weed elimination

Using our commercail total herbicde applications we are able to clear even the most stubborn weeds from any hard surface areas from patios, block paving, driveways, etc: