"We now have the most amazing, thick grass...and for the first time in 20 years (and having wasted a fortune spent with your competition) we are heading for a decent lawn.  Having nearly decided to plough it up this year and start again we now receive regular compliments about our lawn." 

Mrs Moore

"The treatment you applied started to show its effects after just several days and 6 weeks later I started to receive compliments on what a beautiful lawn I had.  I am seldom moved to write to thank someone but in this instance I have to say the result of only one treatment was stunning and I would highly recommend you to anyone." 

Mr Norley

Welcome to All Seasons Lawncare.

All Seasons Lawncare with its lawn care and lawn treatment services can rescue even the most neglected lawns, killing and controlling weeds and moss and the conditions that encourage them, including Japanese knotweed removal & control.

All Seasons Lawncare provide specialist value for money lawn treatment services. We have been improving the health and appearance of various sized gardens in Huntingdon, Peterborough, Cambridge, St Neots, St Ives, and surrounding villages of Alconbury, Ramsey, Sawtry, Taxley, Buckden, Brampton, Godmanchester, Warboys, Chatteris, Stukeley and all areas within a 30 mile radius of Huntingdon. Contact us for a free no obligation lawn survey now.

Our efficient and economical lawn care treatment service will improve both the look and condition of your lawn. We apply long lasting effective balanced slow release non scorch fertilisers, and effective safe products to control weeds and moss. Our lawn care service provides you with a greener healthier looking lawn within just a few days. Our lawn care service does not just make short term improvements we also help you keep your lawn green and healthy.

Our experienced staff have the relevant essential lawn care knowledge, and use professional systemic herbicides and modern slow controlled release coated granular fertilisers to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. We also have many years experience controlling moss and removing the conditions that encourage moss. We have the appropriate equipment and techniques to scarify and hollow tine aerate your lawn to produce long term, effective results.

Our service is user friendly, efficient, effective, safe for children and animals and costs less than doing it yourself.  We have thousands of satisfied customers with either small or large lawns in the PE and CB post codes who have been amazed at the cost of our service and the rapid improvements.

There are no contracts to sign and you pay as you go. You receive an invoice after each application has been carried out. In addition to treating weeds and moss we continue to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. When the next treatment is due we call you to arrange access. You do not have to be at home as long as we have access to your lawns. All Seasons Lawncare do everything --- all you have to do is mow and water the lawn.

Call or e mail us now for a free no obligation lawn survey. Alternatively contact us with any questions you may have. Click here to contact us.